The Power of Penn Engineering

Inventing the Future

Great breakthroughs are happening everywhere at Penn Engineering. Standing shoulder-to-shoulder with our peers, Penn Engineering is forging novel solutions to the most pressing issues of the twenty-first century.

As part of the University’s The Power of Penn: Advancing Knowledge for Good campaign, Penn Engineering seeks to raise $170 million by June 2021. Strategically chosen to maximize growth and add value to every student who enrolls here, the School’s fundraising priorities are to expand our pool of exceptional faculty, build revolutionary new spaces, and unleash technological innovation and entrepreneurship in the region.

Now is the time to stimulate Penn Engineering’s intellectual capital to expand our global reach and accelerate technological innovation. The future is ours to invent and share together.

Campaign Priorities + Goals

To recruit and retain renowned faculty who inspire and nurture innovative thinking.
Goal: $65 million

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Scholarships + Fellowships
To fund the education of all qualified students who have the talent and ambition to succeed.
Goal: $46 million

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To build and renovate revolutionary spaces, including labs, collaborative spaces, and active-learning classrooms.
Goal: $35 million

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Unrestricted Funds
To strengthen flexible sources of funding and sustain the quality of school-wide programs through Penn Engineering’s Annual Giving Fund and Dean’s Discretionary Fund.
Goal: $16 million

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Student Programs
To create opportunities to enrich students and foster a more diverse and inclusive campus.
Goal: $8 million

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Power of Penn Celebratory Tour:

Join President Amy Gutmann, fellow Quakers, and a panel of Penn’s most accomplished scholars as they travel the country and the world to celebrate The Power of Penn: Advancing Knowledge for Good. Hear how the campaign is transforming our campus and beyond and then connect with other Penn alumni and friends at the post-program reception.

For a full list of events, to sign up, or to learn more about the tour, see the University’s Get Involved page. If you have any questions, please call 215.898.6564.